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But there's a whole level to this that it's really touched in this entry. Work should make us happy, otherwise we spend hours upon hours a day in a situation we don't want to be in. I was raised with this mentality.

Do you remember telling me, while I was in college, that I didn't need to 'do better' than you? The unused word was 'money'. But combined with the point earlier, the message became: Find a job that makes you happy, stick with it and don't worry about the money.

Now, trying (still) to figure out what career path to follow, looking for what makes me happy has become the sole guidepost. With my university education out of the way and rapidly disappearing into the past, my sole measure for: Is this the right job for me? has become: Am I happy here?

Thoughts? Comments?

I don't think one is ever just "happy" in a single place. I think happiness is continuously moving. It takes different shapes and you have to follow it and fight for it. You're in Africa and if you question if you're happy. But happiness isn't stagnant. And one thing will not make you happy 100% of the time. (Ask me about how mad I got at my Ben & Jerry's last week.)

I think Dad makes a point about doing what makes you happy. But don't just stop. I'm not happy at school but I am. How is that possible? I'm happy with my program and I'm happy knowing what it will do for me in the future. That's following happiness.

You may be miserable in 1,000,000 degree Senegalese heat, but you can be happy there because your present happiness (or lack thereof) is also your future happiness.

I'm pretty sure I didn't support my point very well, but hopefully you get the idea. I was inspired by the theory of Socratic Ignorance. (I'm the smartest man in the world because I don't know anything at all --- it's the continuous asking of questions.) You can be the happiest person in the world because you're always moving towards happiness regardless or whether or not you have it presently. And you can always be the happiest person on the earth, because happiness will come!

Wow... I'm done.

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