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Jeanne. Thank you for sharing your perspectives. Very mature and balanced outlook. Despite accomplishing much & holding key positions in your 21 years of career , your thoughts reflect humility and humbleness. These are the hallmark of a great human being and thorough professional.It is a real pleasure to know you. :-)

This post is an inspiration !


Ruchi, I appreciate your kind comments - thank you! The feedback from people who've read this blog has been inspiring to me. I think it shows how much we all have in common - across genders, geographies and all kinds of life situations. Thanks to Jon for bringing us all together through this guest post! - Jeanne

Thank you both! For me, work-life is about awareness and helping more people be sensitive to these issues. It is great to see the dialog spread further.

Jeanne - it was such a good thing to read this article. It summarizes my experience, too: in part time since 1989, using IBM's extra working conditions, growing up 3 children together with my husband, having a rich 3rd life (family, IBM, and music).
I totally agree with that inner flexibility, or "flexibility in mind", you really need, to get full joy in all you do.
What I find a bit difficult, is, to listen to myself - not becoming too exhausted on all activities around me.

Monika, thank you posting this thoughtful comment. I'm glad to learn there are more stories like this in IBM, too.

I agree with you - listening to your own needs is very hard. But it is so important! It sounds like you have a great support system in your pursuit of "full joy in all you do". I like how you express that idea.
- Jeanne

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