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I checked out this calculator and it is so incomplete! In addition to leaving out family responsibilites as a category (let's face it, some days it's a joy and other days it's a burden), the calculator completely leaves out wellness. I strongly believe that we all NEED to take time in our days for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness: exercise, mental challenge and creativity, and meditation or prayer. There is often a perception that wellness is an 'extra,' rather than a necessity. This might explain why so many in our country are obese and/or filling prescription after prescription. So as each of us determines the right work/life balance for ourselves, let's remember to take care of ourselces, too.

I couldn't agree more, Theresa. Just as the pendulum has to swing between work and life, we have to allocate that personal time, too. (It's really another part of that "life" thing). Whether it is a week, a day, or even a 15 minute break it all starts with personal comfort and well being from which we can build.

Thanks for your comment!

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