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Hello Jon,
The idea of choosing where you want to live then choosing your career is ideal. So many time people choose a career thinking that they will find employment in their hometown. When often they end up hundreds sometimes thousands of miles away from where they want to be just for that career choice they made eight years prior.
Thank you for sharing,

For sure, location is important. And finding a career in one's hometown (or somewhere else where this is a strong support network) could be VERY important. My point wasn't to diminish this decision, just to recognize that even the prioritization of this question is an individual choice that is part of a bigger set of thinking.

Thanks for the comment!

Location is more important than I'd realized until I read Richard Florida's "Who's your city?" He points out that if you want to be a film maker, its Hollywood or Mumbai, if you want to be an investment banker, head to NY City or London (or maybe Dubai), if country music's your thing, you'll love Nashville. Florida also emphasizes that "winning" locations tend to be those where diversity is embraced.

And if you wanted to be in US Federal politics, I'm thinking a stint in Washington, DC is in order!! I hadn't thought that some jobs are specifically tied to a particular city, but it does make sense.

Fascinating point on diversity!

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