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Like you, I too am a bit uncomfortable with the FB Like logo and link. There are just too many ways for it to gobble up time and space, and frankly, I'm not sure what it adds. Sorta like subscribing on YouTube. Often there is ONE video that gets my attention because of the subject, but then everything else that follows is going right to my SPAM folder, until I get around to un-subscribing. I heard a funny joke that Denis Leary did and that was copied on last weeks Business Week mag. He ssaid that Twitter will begin charging $25 for you to stop following Ashton Kutcher.

Unfortunately it is a matter of control - and all the different businesses want it. There have been interesting articles on the future of the internet with one concern being that all the open interfaces are evolving with each vendor wanting to capture your login, your feeds, you! And they all want it to be the only one. Will be interesting to watch.

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