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Thanks Tami, very well written and useful. Great to see tips from an IBM executive. The point about seeking diverse experiences is a very good one. I also admire you for having the guts to leave the Somers office at 5 pm on a regular basis to spend quality time with your child. Of course, you have to login at night, but those evening hours with the family are key!

Thanks for your comment. I think most people will become frustrated with work if they can't spend sufficient time with their families at the end of the day... So it helps to keep the team motivated knowing it's about the work.. not the hours...

Tami, thanks for the timely reminder to write concise emails. As a member of a geographically dispersed team, I have found clear and concise emails to be essential to team productivity. Early on we lost a few days here and there due to poorly worded emails! But we are careful now to directly state what information, if any, is needed from the recipient.

Well put Tami..
Though we never actually met, I think I left my last marketing job at IBM just as you came in. You got Tom S., Michael B. and a few of the other "good guys" from the team that reported to me in 2002-2004.

I would add one additional one that served me well, even before email (year I was an IBMer that long),
"Always make your boss look good."

When I reported to Jon, (and he knows that I thought this way), whether it was a presentation before the marketing review board, a meeting with executives ( I worked more than a couple Corporate Bd of Directors meetings), or a demo at a trade show, I always would think "OK, how will this make (Jon) look "smart" for having me in my role.?"

A mental approach to success that you capture marvelously in your "personal brand message" to success is undoubtably critical. Realization that skill without opportunity is equally important.

Thanks for a well thought out contribution.

PS.I think that "band" in bullet #7 should be "brand", right..?

And I thought I looked good because ..... Oh, nevermind. I don't want to think about it! (But thanks)

(I fixed the typo, too.)

Consider a wardrobe upgrade, keep an eye on your communications style and most importantly, develop the confidence that goes along with it. Stand in front of the mirror and say three times: I am an IBM Executive.

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