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I can't agree with you more on this point! I've always 'self-managed' my career as much as possible, but am very aware of the consequences. I was in a high-travel position some years ago, and remember when I turned down a very visible engagement because it meant I'd be on the road Sunday through Friday for a year. I'll never forget my manager's response: "Oh yeah, I forgot that you worry about your quality of life." He meant it as an insult, but I consider it one of my proudest moments.

There are consequences to anything we do, and nothing is free. That's why we call it work life balance. It implies an active and ongoing process of weighing one thing against another and finding ann equilibrium that fits your values and aspirations.

Thank you for sharing this, Jane, and good for you! What you are pointing out is that manager awareness and sensitivity makes all the difference in world. Some - like you - are able to work through a less informed manager.

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