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Jon, I think the days of going into an office for a contained work days are becoming history for many of us. Anyone in a global role is likely to be on the phone at 6 am and 10 pm for work-related conference calls.

Not only do I take calls in my pajamas, but I've also been known to take calls while rocking a sleepy baby or packing bottles and diaper bags for day-care. I pay for 10 hours of day-care every day, but I can't confine my job to those hours. And just as my job spills into my family time, I often have to make family a priority during normal work hours. My daughter has caught every cold and flu virus out there. She also gets stomach aches, rashes, and other ailments that keep her home from day-care. And this winter we had 6 snow days. On days when she's home, I find myself squeezing as much work as I can into her nap times and after her 7:30 pm bed-time.

Such is my work/life integration...

Ah - those were the days!! I'm glad you do make family a priority during normal work hours. It really is a continuum and you make choices all the time - - with some choices (work:meeting, life:crying baby) made for you.

But I know you are not complaining although you will truly rejoice when that bus comes to take Rachel off to Kindergarten! :-) Just hang in there!

I will admit I don't feel sad that I missed the stinky t-shirt and shorts :)

Jon, I wanted to comment here but I better plead the fifth. Glad you are enjoying the next phase of life.

This clearly is one of those serious topics that will always generate smiles and that's a good thing. And if it helps get people more comfortable with some of the issues of working at home - even better!

Thanks, Gene - wise guy!

Thanks, Bonnie. I shall assume that you taking the fifth is for both you AND Perry! HAHA.

No 5th here! Welcome to the other side Obe One! What you speak of IS my life :-)

We are all students and I am still learning!!

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