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And of course, it's one thing to put a low priority on things that only affect you versus a low priority on things that affect other people.

Here's where priorities overlap. Taking this example:
Your blogging may be low on your priority list, but it's pretty high on my build-my-intelligence priority list. Your decision affects me.

Sometimes, balancing work and life may require a little selfishness.

Jon, I also think blogging ebbs and flows, sometimes there's a high tide and plenty to say and sometimes we get caught up in the real things of life, the things that percolate around our brains before they pour out in the form of a blog post. You know I love to blog ... but I also like to live a life off the internet ... a real life that isn't always being lived with one eye on how I'll report on it. When I am blogging often, I tend to see everything as a potential blog post ... seeing everything as an observer would. Glad you are busy and happy though. Keep it up. We'll still be coming back to check on your blog from time to time.

Thanks for the words of encouragement as well as a reminder of what is important, Joy. That you commented means a lot to me.

My takeaway is to remember to just enjoy many activities and not worry about creating blog content. At the same time, many of my projects are great blog fodder and I'm motivated to continue to capture and see what ends up posted.

Just another point of balance.

Hi Jon, it was julie who commented above not Joy. No need to post this. BTW, love the photo of the snow and your most recent illustration on work life balance. All best for happy new year. I am moving back to Australia mid year. Changes ahead.

I saw it was Julie and didn't even realize that I got it wrong. Just a typo. Although I do see MomstoWork.com as a single entity greater than the sum of its parts! We hope that you'll continue in the blogosphere with MomstoWork or some other endeavor!

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