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You know that part about "At least not while they can see" would have been handy for you to pass on earlier in my career :)

Don't let him fool you though... sometimes Dad got a little crazy about the work-life balance thing.

I clearly remember Dad working on his laptop when I was just a kid at summer camp. He didn't even have electricity, but that work machine was up and open.

To make him feel less bad about my outing him so publicly, this case does serve as a reminder that my Dad talks from experience. Sometimes, he found a good balance between work and life, and sometimes (at least from a kid's perspective) it was a little off...

And I didn't have any connectivity either! What a fool.

I've always prided myself as someone who is able to remove myself from myself and assess things. Clearly I would have done that one differently and I did eventually figure it out. All the little minds I could have damaged by that laptop move....

And that was a long, long time ago. Maybe this blog is how I made amends?

Gene - I can't say I was thinking specifically about you on those last two lines. I hesitated to leave them in, but I thought they'd get a chuckle. Thanks for the comment back!!

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Let me first say that for much of my latter career I was a bit of a workaholic. But at that point, my children were a bit older and we had a developed working family routine for two working parents with a good support structure.

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