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Perhaps I am simply paraphasing you, but I have tried to guide myself and my children with a slightly different Bullet #1 than you have.
My mantra has always been "Do what you LOVE to do and the money will find it's way."

You and I are both children of the 50's who's parents either knew or were reminded about the depression, and how a combination or education and hard work were the key to success.

I think the model has changed. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other professional careers that "we" were told were slam-dunks to success, are not nearly as rewarding as they once were due to the costs of liability/malpractice insurance, education loans, combined with somewhat meager (by comparison)re-imbursements by insurance companies for services.

So given the choice between a content attorney and a HAPPY salesman, I chose the latter. My oldest son, Anthony, did the same with a twist, and John fancies himself a "dealmaker".

So, I would suggest it's less about what job do I want nowadays and more about what makes ME excited to get up in the morning. Especially during a time of AT LEAST 10% unemployment and soft economics.

Just my 2 cents...

Thanks as always

You clarification helps. It's about finding what job you want - - that makes you happy. Picking a job because it might make you a lot of money has a good chance of really hurting one's work-life balance. Too much risk of what we call the "rat race". Not sure what our kids would call it.

Hey it's almost 3 months.. Do your children and I need to remind you to do an update ? Ofr did you think you get the summer off ?

Hope you're well and staying "frosty", my friend.


My biggest personal challenge is accepting that I seem to prioritize BalancedBits lower than many of the other things I do. I am happy with my choices, but I surely have a twinge of guilt here.

Not sure what to do.

Anyone interested in guest posts on work-life? Personal stories might be just the ticket.

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